Hearts & Paws... Art Glass... Hummingbirds... Symbols...

Welcome to Spirit Glass!  Spirit Glass produces originally designed stained glass pieces for gallery sales, art shows and web sales. I am Susan Rice, the artist and proprietor of Spirit Glass. Like most artists, I was born with an irrepressible desire to create…and have explored many ways to fulfill this desire. For me, glass is the perfect medium for bringing out true colors by adding the ever-changing effect of light. I love the way glass texture and hue create movement, so I use colored, textured and beveled glass to create representations of universal symbols and themes.  My unique designs evolve from continually stretching the limits of the medium. 

Spirit Glass is located in the beautiful mountains of Southwestern New Mexico. I share my mountain paradise with my partner Steve, two faithful dogs and four loving cats. My three grown children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren live on the East coast. Between glass projects I find time to garden, cook, hike, travel and work part-time. 

Although the personal satisfaction of creating art is important, my primary goal is to bring light, joy and meaning to the owner of a piece of “spirit glass”. I hope you enjoy your creation!

If you are interested in seeing my glass in person, it is in the Copper Quail Gallery located in Silver City, New Mexico, at the corner of Yankie and Texas Streets. Silver City is a delightful destination, located close to the Gila National Forest and Wilderness Area, and home to a robust art community.